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The Regenesis Institute The Regenesis Institute

Founder: Rev. Dr. Reinaldo E. Torres Ginard Founder: Rev. Dr. Reinaldo E. Torres Ginard

Rev. Dr. Reinaldo E. Torres Ginard
Grand Master in Reiki-Usui, Karuna, Dawai, Vasjra

As a true master of masters, Reinaldo taught intensive and challenging courses relative to advanced areas of Future Science.  Such courses included, Awakening the Master Healer Within, Usui, Karuna, Dawai, and Vasra Reiki, Advanced Cosmic Instruction, Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Introduction to Levitation, A Total Meditation Training, The Chakras and Human Behavior.  He truly enjoyed supplementing all of his classes with his multifaceted healing and anti-stress recorded meditations, as well as sponsoring seminars for out-of-town healers, researchers, scientists, teachers, and spiritual beings.  He held 13 Firewalking Seminars, of which two recordings were produced for television.

Reinaldo was often a guest speaker in Churches and Light Centers. He appeared on network television and radio talk shows and several internationally televised Spanish programs.  He was headlined in the Bay Section of the Tampa Tribune on his teaching and healing work with crystals.  He was also featured on ABC News demonstrating Reiki Healing.  He conducted over 19 excursions in the Sacred Mayan Lands performing activations, initiations, and ordinations at such sacred places as the Great Mayan Pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

On December 1, 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela, Reinaldo was commissioned as a Pastoral Pastor of TE-TA-MA TRUTH FOUNDATION-FAMLY OF URI®, INC.   He was elected Vice-President of COTC National on December 30, 1984 and was commissioned as a COTC Ordaining Associate Minister on March 2, 1985.  He was honored, recognized, and awarded with a Doctor of Cosmocracy Degree on September 9, 2001.

This perfect example of Christ Light during his ministry extended his Love-Light gifts to our Planet Earth and Mankind. Without request of expectation of any compensation, Reinaldo graced thousands with his uniquely challenging and spiritually aggressive healing  techniques that awakened, transmuted, and regenerated them.